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Interesting Websites - Unusual to Funny
also known as... cool things I've found while looking for other things

Quirky – Invent, Influence & Earn, and Shop for ingenious practical products. Vote for future product ideas, Submit your own product idea or invention. Make money by influencing product design - suggest anything from color to solving engineering issues!

Darwin Awards – think you had a bad day? See... “A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises. Honoring those who improve the species... by accidentally removing themselves from it! ”

Rotten Sneaker Contest – annual contest for youngsters ages 5-15.

Do You Know Jack Schitt a.k.a. You Don't Know Jack Schitt – a funny short video complete history and genealogy of Jack Schitt (jack sh**), from Oh Schitt to Noe Schitt, on YouTube.

World Beard and Moustache Championships – annual event features “hundreds of the world’s best beardsmen, from delicate Dali moustaches to anything-goes full beard freestyles and medal-worthy mutton chops, this competition represents the full spectrum of beard and mustache art.”

PrankPlace.com – For Gag Gifts, Pratical Jokes and Sight Gags.

The Phobia List (The Fear of...) – huge list of phobias and their definitions.

The Museum of Hoaxes – all about hoaxes, mischief, and misinformation throughout history.

Break – website that's all about funny pictures, amazing videos, pranks.

EarthCam - Webcams of the World - live feeds and videos from across the planet!

Second Life – a virtual world, 3D online digital world imagined and created by its residents.

Movie Mistakes – factual errors, radom plot holes, general mistakes.

Mystical Ball – you choose the numbers, it reads your mind.

Powers of Ten – starting from ten million light years away, zoom into earth, then quarks.

DriversLicenseSearch.com – see yours and everyone's drivers license. shocking!

YouTube – watch all types of videos plus you can broadcast your own videos. searchable.

Snotr – family-safe short and funny or interesting videos. Everyone can submit a video.

JibJab – famous funny political singing paradies.

telemarketers – Revenge! – Hear a good way to handle telemarketers.

Roadside America – a guide to offbeat tourist attractions in the U.S.

The Unfortunate Page – Crimes Against Good Taste! wrong card for every occasion, ...

FindSounds – search the web for sounds and sound effects.

Interesting Facts about your Birthdate – (must use a harmless pop-up to enter birthdate).

Traffic Cone Preservation Society – honoring those orange traffic cones.

Mad Blast – parodies, humor, "political poo" ...

Murphy Laws Site – Murphy's laws (if anything can go wrong, it will) and similar laws.

Morgus The Magnificent – 60s TV Horror host and cartoon strip.

RoadRagers.com – dealing with road rage.

MiniClip.com – various games to play.

RhymeZone – find words that rhyme and famous documents like the U.S. Constitution.

transl8it – glossary of terms and translator for texting & instant messaging.

Laws Of Chess – official rules from FIDE (the World Chess Federation).

The Discouraging Word – "Scourge of abusers and celebrator of delights, we are the defenders of the English language. The Discouraging Word does what few dare to do: English itself."

The Hip Mom's Guide – "thoughts on raising boys, living life, having fun"


HumorSphere.com Funny Pictures Jokes and Fun Pages

SmileJokes.com Funny Jokes

Blonde Jokes

Cool Blonde Jokes – at coolblondejokes.com

Blonde Jokes - at jokesblonde.com

The Best Blonde Jokes - on zelo.com, over 500 blonde jokes in their database.

Blonde Jokes Cartoons and Funny Pictures - on ahajokes.com

Blonde Jokes - on kellys.com

Cartoon Video Shorts - Comics - Animations - Cartoons

Gocomics.com - see Calvin and Hobbes and other popular comics such as Bloom County, Liberty Meadows, Cul de Sac, Garfield, more.

UFS and NEA Comics and Comic Strips - United Feature Syndicate. Lots of comics, Alley Oop to Dilbert and Get Fuzzy.

Comics.com - has Pearls Before Swine comic strip and animations, Jump Start, many others.

Walt Handelsman's Animated Cartoons - clean. boomers, etc.

The JIMPLEX - animated cartoon shorts.

Lunacy Toons and More Lunacy Toons funny cartoon shorts

joecartoon.com animated short

Internet Soapbox - about those e-mails ... (turn on computer sound)

Splish Splash Baby - animated short

Fun Klix

TwistedHumor.com - features not politically correct jokes and cartoon videos.

Comic Book Conventions.com

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - So many choices! Do jigsaw puzzles online or download them. Offers easy, average and hard.

Interesting Stuff Regarding Food

International Hot Dog Eating Contest - Nathan's Famous Fourth of July annual event at Coney Island in New York.

Great American Pie Festival - annual event in April, in Florida.

National Pie Championships - annual event in April, in Florida. amateur pie makers, professional bakers/chefs & commercial pie companies.

Cheese Competition and Festival of Cheese - annual event in July, in Chicago IL. Each year, the American Cheese Society (ACS) hosts a conference which features this world-renowned cheese competition.

Space and the Cosmos

SPACE.com - Space Gallery Images of the cosmos - NASA - NASA search

Spaceflight Now - Earth Observatory

keirclarke interactive Star Viewer - zoom in and out, click objects to learn about them.

EarthSky - space, general science, and scientists. videos of sunspots, meteor showers dates, health, climate, profiles many scientists, much more.

Sci-Fi TV Shows and related info

Favorite Sci-Fi TV Shows

Star Trek (the original with Kirk, Spock, McCoy)

Babylon 5


Andromeda (TV Series) [no official website] - Wkipedia info for Andromeda + Andromeda All Systems

Doctor Who - on BBC America channel. more info at Doctor Who on the BBC


Sci-Fi Related Info

The Klingon Language Institute - all about the Language of the Klingons (Star Trek).

SyFy.com - formerly scifi.com, it has many science fiction shows and movies.